The Duke Symphony Orchestra is committed to supporting anti-racism initiatives on a local and national level. While this will be an ongoing process subject to modification and expansion, we have begun with three overarching goals:​​​

  1. Promote anti-racism practices among our members

    • Implicit bias training with a focus on music and arts

    • Coordinated sessions to write letters to elected officials

  2. Leverage our platform to promote anti-racism and Black art in our community

    • Instagram posts to share useful resources, such as

    • Collaborative Spotify playlist to share and celebrate Black musicians

    • Featured topics in upcoming lunchtime lecture series (for example, mindful curation practices and inclusion of historically excluded Black composers)

    • Small student-offered concerts and services to raise funds for donations

  3. Reach out to additional groups to implement our goals

    • Support and collaborate with organizations focused on diversity in the arts, within the Duke/Durham community and beyond. These include (but are not limited to):

    • Work with the Duke Music Department to create meaningful and researched content in appreciation of Black artists

    • Petition music programs to incorporate underrepresented composers into concert seasons